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  • Amy


    😊This dress is adorable. I plan on wearing it to a bridal shower. Excited to wear it to to other things like church as well. Fit well true to size.

    فستان شيفون مطرز ذهبي ماسي أنيق
  • Joe


    Wowwwww. 😍Just wowwww. This dress is so gorgeous. Perfect for the occasion i bought it for. Loved it. Thanks!

    فستان شيفون من قطعتين أنيق ومثير من الأورجانزا
  • Niki


    OMG😍😍. it's was gorgeous dress to wear. I'm so in love went First open it and more in love while try it on. I don't regret buying

    أنيقة طباعة البرنز أعلى فستان مثير الخصر اللباس
  • Baby


    It's actually a nice material. Something you would wear on classy days and bloated days! I like it!❤️❤️

    فستان أنيق بخصر مثير أنيق بالترتر الذهبي الأنيق
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